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By Ashley Smith
By Josue

MARION -- A local high school production of the musical Grease had a different twist after the lead character broke his leg.

Everyone knows the story of Grease. Danny spends most of his senior year trying to impress his love interest Sandy. 

Danny loves to race cars, comb his hair, and show off his dance moves.  But the actor playing Danny in the Marion High School annual spring musical spent the entire play in a wheelchair.
"When he first jumped off and fell we were kind of thinking it wasn't that bad we were all kind of chuckling and then we was still screaming.  Then it was like scary," said actor CJ Hirschi.
Sophomore Tyler Karnes was rushed to the hospital one day before opening night.  He found out his leg was broken in two spots.
Choir Director Jamie Adams had to make some quick changes to the script and add a large twist to the popular play.
"The night before the musical Mrs Adams basically rewrote the play to show that I was in a cast," said Tyler Karnes
"Oh yea. She really went above and beyond.  The entire script, all the things she would change it was like how did she do this in one night?" said CJ.
The cast only had a couple of hours to rehearse the changes before opening night.  In this now original version of the play, Danny broke his leg while drag racing.
Jamie says the students handled the re-write very well and even threw in their own lines.
"We were kind of thinking 'so what jokes can we make about the broken leg?'" saod CJ.
"When a challenge comes they rise above it," said Choir Director Jamie Adams. "It's like I've told them many times, you're developing so much character by overcoming these obstacles."
Tyler is back to school after a month of homebound teaching from Mrs Adams herself.
His broken leg is just one of the many challenges the choir has faced this year.
"We have had a rough year this year," explains Jamie, "We lost one of our students this winter and then this happened. I've taught for 11 years this is my 11th year teaching, this is the most mature, most put together kids."
Looking back, the cast says they wouldn't change a thing.  As a matter of fact, the play sold a record number of tickets.
In the future though, they'll be more careful about using the phrase "break a leg!"
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