Unsung Hero: Brenda Funkhouser


By Ashley Smith
By Josue

ELDORADO -- After 45 years as director of the Eldorado Memorial Library, Brenda Funkhouser is retiring.

Funkhouser started working at the library in the 1960s. At that time, the library was in this building on Jackson Street.

"My first big accomplishment down there was an outside book drop. I thought that I had achieved a goal to get outside book drop," remembered Funkhouser. "It was an eagle, which is the school mascot for Eldorado."

After outgrowing that location, Brenda helped make it possible for a new and larger building.  Admittedly, that has been Brenda's biggest achievement in her tenure, but she says her favorite part of the job is helping people.

Brenda's replacement will be Felicia Murray. She was born and raised in Eldorado, just like Brenda.

"Brenda has been a part of my life for many, many years before I ever even worked there, but she's been the librarian my whole life," said Murray. "And she has been such a helpful and generous person."

Felicia has been working under Brenda for a year and is excited to take the reins. She will still have the guidance of other staff members like Miriam Richardson.

Miriam began working with Brenda in 1977.

"She was so good at keeping track of what needed to be done that I think that's going to be hard to fill that shoe," explained Richardson. " But Felicia is going to be great."

Felicia says she will miss working alongside Brenda and seeing a familiar face in the library.

"After 45 years, you're gonna miss someone when they're not there anymore," she said.

Brenda says she will still provide advice and guidance to Felicia for some time and will help the board, too. But she already has plans for her free time.

"Reading a book! Having time to travel and to read, sit in a lawn chair and read a book."

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