Unsung Hero: Alyssa Dawson


By Ashley Smith
By Josue

BENTON -- A Franklin County girl didn't keep her Christmas money for very long. She donated it to sick kids who need it more than her.

It's safe to say Alyssa Dawson was on Santa's good list this year.

"I got an easy bake oven ultimate, and figurines for my doll house, and a baby doll that looks real," recalls Alyssa.
In addition to clothes and other toys, the eight-year-old also got money for Christmas.
"She came up to us Christmas morning and she said 'I know what I want to do with my money.' She said 'I want to donate it to those that are sick.'" said Alyssa's mom Amanda Dawson.
"When I watch tv I see commercials about these kids that have cancer and it just makes me think of that. And since I have a lot of toys," said Alyssa.
Alyssa wanted some of her money to help a local girl she knew through school.
Alayna Woolsey was recently diagnosed with Leukemia just after her fourth birthday.
Alyssa saw a donation jar for Alayna at Benton Grade School before Christmas break and knew she could use the money. 
"I thought why would she have this because she's so little and it was just sad," said Alyssa.
Alyssa has never met Alayna but wanted to help the little girl and her family.
"Their family is important just like ours and so I don't want that to happen too," said Alyssa.
This didn't surprise Alyssa's mom who says she and younger brother Caleb are always trying to help those in need.
"She's always wanting to help everybody. Anytime she hears anyone's sick or has cancer she's willing to look in her piggy bank and see how much money she has because she wants to give money," said Amanda, "She's always thinking about everybody else but herself."
Alyssa's parents are very proud of their daughter and hope others may be inspired to do the same.
"Always open your heart and always think about other people and how blessed you are," said Amanda.
A family who has many blessings to count this new year.
If you would like to help Alayna Woolsey and her family, an acocunt is setup at any branch of the Southern Illinois Bank. There is also a benefit coming up January 18th at the Community of Christ Church in Thompsonville. You can also send donations to Samantha Kimble at 1109 N 8th St, Benton, IL 62812.
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