Unsung Hero: Alan Geary


By WSIL Reporter

Marion -- "I saw skid marks and Niki and I talked and decided I should take a look," said Alan Geary.

Alan Geary and his daughter Niki Williams were driving along a familiar route last week when something caught their eyes.

"I walked up to about right here seen the vehicle and she was laying on the right side of it," said Alan, "she was trapped.."

68-year-old Billie Earl went missing last Monday and spent almost 48 hours in below freezing temperatures. Her vehicle went off the road and ended up here, near this strip pit just feet from the water.

"Had she been ten foot to the west of us she would have been in the water," said Alan.

Alan says at first he didn't see Billie but called the sherrif's department to report the vehicle. That's when he heard Billie cry out.

"I stood there and talked to her until help arrived," said Alan.

Alan says it appeared Billie had suffered injuries to her leg and was unable to climb out of the pit but she did make it out of the car. Billie told Alan she was eating ice and sleet to stay hydrated.

With no food and only the clothes on her back, it's nothing short of a miracle that Billie survived in the bitter cold. That miracle was possible thanks to the heroics of Alan and his daughter. But don't tell him that.

"I think the good Lord is her hero because somebody had to make me stop and make niki tell me to go look," said Alan.

Alan says his advice to others is simple.

"it would be real nice if more people would slow down their lives as they go down roads and notice, I did nothing no one else would do," said Alan.

Whether Alan is a hero or was just in the right place at the right time, there is no question this story could have ended very differently.

Billie Earl is at home recovering from her injuries after spending time in the hospital. The Williamson County Sheriff's Office says Billie swerved to miss a deer when her car skidded off the road.
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