Proposed Ban For Flavored E-Cigarettes


By WSIL Reporter

WSIL -- More than two dozen attorney generals support banning flavors for e-cigarettes.

The group includes Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. She's asking the Food and Drug Administration to include the ban in their proposed rules for e-cigs.

Several vapor shops have been popping up across the region within the last few years.

More users have switched to e-cigarette products that now come in flavors, like cookies and cream and green apple. However, some think it's pulling a younger crowd to the habit.

State leaders are urging the federal government to crack down on the flavored juices for e-cigarettes. It's a move that has some users upset.

"E-cigarette, the flavor makes them better," said Shana Price. "I've tried the menthol and the regular tobacco, and I don't like it at all."

She picked up electronic cigarettes to help her quit smoking the real thing. She's now worried the proposed ban would change that.

"They already produce them so they should just continue to make them like we've already started to like them," said Price.

The attorney generals from more than 20 states claim the different flavors are drawing teens to smoking.

Adam Toms can see their point.

"I think its more enticing if they come in cherry, watermelon, whatever," said Toms. "It's just like giving candy to a kid."

Price believes there are easier ways to deal with the problem instead of a flavor ban.

"If a teens going to smoke, a teen is going to smoke," said Price. "I think its up to the parents and up to the tobacco stores to I.D., and then we won't have a problem."

The push could also have a major impact on vapor stores.

Sales associate, Kristina Casteel, says flavors are where Cool Breeze Vapor in Marion does most of their business.

"Maybe even three-fourths of our sales are just from those fruity flavors and candy flavors," said Casteel.

Casteel feels many of her customers like how customizable it is. For her, it's no different than any other product.

"You've got your candy flavored vodkas, your cherry flavored nicorette gum, grape cigarillos, why would they ban this when all of those other things are still on the market," said Casteel.

Other smoke shops we've talked to say they sell more flavored e-cigarettes over menthol or tobacco-flavored ones.

The FDA is also considering advertising restrictions that would put e-cigs on the same level as other tobacco products.
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