Safety First for 89th Du Quoin State Fair Attractions


By Stephanie Tyrpak

PERRY COUNTY - Thousands of families will flock to the 89th Du Quoin State Fair. With the fair's large crowds, comes the need for precautions.

The "Wave Swinger" is just one of the new rides Freddy Miller and his company Miller Spectacular Shows is bringing to Du Quoin.

"There's very few of these in the United States," said Miller. "It has an up and down motion while spinning, so it kind of gives the feeling of a wave."

The swing ride, like other attractions, will be inspected by the carnival crew and the state.

"This is a major fair that goes on within the state, and it's just a little bit better for a fresh pair of eyes," said Miller.

Carnival crews began arriving last week to build the midway. Some of this year's biggest attractions have already taken shape.

That's ahead of schedule and a good thing for organizers hoping to have the fair ready for Friday.

"We're getting everything with the rides finished and fixed up as you can see," said Fair Director John Rednour Jr. "We've got all the stands going up, it's coming together pretty good."

Although rides are inspected once before they're allowed to operate in the state, the fair attractions will be reinspected by the Department of Labor. Midway crews will also do their own daily checks..

"There is a pre-opening inspection that every ride undergoes prior to opening each day," said Miller.

If the rides still make you a little nervous, Miller believes you can tell a lot about an attraction from the way it looks.

"If they look well lit and clean, and taken care of, then it's a pretty good sign that all the maintenance and things have been done, and it's good safe equipment," said Miller.

The Department of Labor will tour the fairgrounds Thursday.

The Du Quoin State Fair opens on Friday. The Twilight Parade will begin at 6 p.m.
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