Police Investigate A Double Homicide in Cape Girardeau


By WSIL Reporter

CAPE GIRARDEAU  --  Police are searching for suspects behind a double murder in Southeast Missouri.  The shootings happend about 9:30 p.m. Sunday.  


Police found the two victims in a car parked on South Middle Street.  Detavian Richardson, 20, and Zatrun Twiggs, 28, had been shot multiple times. Both later died at the hospital.
Zatrun's counsin, Tyzhon Twiggs, told News 3 he witnessed the shooting. 
"I looked outside and saw he was coming," Twiggs said. "Then a few minutes later I saw this white SUV pull up and they pulled out a gun and shot about five times into the car. I panicked. I ran up to him and said 'Are you okay? Are you okay?' and he shook his head."
"I saw he had two shot wounds on his chest and my friend Scooby was in the car and he wasn't moving so i thought he was dead," Twiggs added.
This marks the city's second unsolved homicide case of the summer. 
"It's unusual for us to have multiple active homicide cases that haven't been solved," said Cape Girardeau Police Sergeant Jason Selzer.
Police are searching for a suspect vehicle described as a white SUV with chrome rims. 


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