Hunters Gearing Up for Bow Season


By Nick Hausen

MARION - In less than two weeks (October 1st) archery deer hunting begins in southern Illinois. That will be followed by the state's two firearm seasons in November and December. It means excitement for hunters and big business for local sporting good stores.

"Everybody is trying to get ready for bow season," said Dunn's Sporting Goods employee Justin Walters. "It'll be here in about two weeks now. Trying to get new strings and stuff. Make sure your bow is all ready to go and everything for the season."

Walters says all items related to archery are popular right now.

"Getting arrows, broad heads, check their strings out," he continued, "see if they need to replace that and the cables on their bows. Look at new bows and stuff like that. All the new equipment that's out for the year."

While Dunn's is just trying to keep up, the real excitement comes from talking to the hunters. For bow hunters, it's not just a hobby, it becomes a way of life.

Joel Tucker is an avid hunter and says that he'll try to spend most of his spare time this fall in the fields and woods.

"I probably will hunt three or four times a week," he said. "Weather depending. My wife's pregnant right now, so it might be a little less depending on that."

Tucker has been hunting since he was a little kid and says it's a way to enjoy nature.

"I bow hunt, mainly to get away and spend a little time by myself and relax," said Tucker, "get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life rather than get caught up in the rat race I guess."

On October 1st, Tucker and thousands of others will be filling the woods of southern Illinois in search of the next trophy.

The Illinois Archery Season runs from October 1st through January 15th.
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