Local Man Sentenced to 85 Years in Prison


By Janna Kennedy

MARION - A Creal Springs man will now spend 85 years in prison.

Marcus Marshall is accused of shooting LaQuinn Hudson in August 2010. The shooting occurred on Liberty Street in Marion. Hudson later bled to death.

Williamson County State's Attorney, Chuck Garnati, says this was a particularly hard case because there was no DNA evidence, and the murder weapon were not found. They only had two eye-witnesses willing to testify.

Marshall was convicted in July, and today he learned his fate. He will spend 85 years in prison. He will spend 60 years for the murder, and another 25 years for using a handgun in the murder.

Today, the defense argued that the trial should be considered a mistrial because some evidence found at the scene was never taken into police custody.

Marshall's Aunt, Arber Marshall, agrees, "I don't know there are just a lot of things that aren't adding up...not all of the evidence was given, it was given back to the family, so that was a hinder."

However, Chuck Garnati says Marshall was one of the most dangerous criminals he has dealt with in 26 years. "He was given a fair trial there is no doubt in my mind....Mr. Marshall is basically going to die in prison. He got a life sentence today, and that is exactly what he deserves."

The defense also filed an appeal after the sentence hearing was over. Marshall's family says they hope the appeal will bring "more truth" to the trial.
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