Brady Makes Campaign Tour Across Southern Illinois


By Stephanie Tyrpak

CARBONDALE -- The primary election is a little more than two months away, and campaigns in southern Illinois are heating up. 

Republican candidate for governor, Bruce Rauner, made a visit to the region on Tuesday. 
Another Republican running for governor made a swing through our region on Wednesday. State Senator Bill Brady lost to Pat Quinn four years ago. He's hoping this time is different.
"We've got to put Illinois on sound financial footing," said Brady. 
Brady kicked off a day of campaign stops at a place he's visited before. The Com-Pac International Plant in Carbondale is a factory that produces plastic packaging.
"We're a family company now," said Com-Pac International President Greg Sprehe. "We have about 200 workers."
The state senator from Bloomington got a look at how the manufacturing process works on a tour with Sprehe.
"He's a business man," said Sprehe. "He understands the challenges that we have."
Brady took questions from plant employees and shared his plan for job creation. He's pushing for taxes to be rolled back. 
"I think we need to move toward a plan to eliminate the personal income tax," said Brady. "Why? Most states that don't have a personal income tax are the ones that are prospering and growing jobs."
It wasn't long before the issue of minimum wage came up. A worker asked Brady about his stance.
Governor Quinn is currently fighting to raise the rate to $10 an hour. There are also reports that candidate Bruce Rauner is for lowering the wage from $8.25 to $7.25 to match the federal level.
"I just think it speaks to how out of touch both Pat Quinn and Bruce Rauner are with the state of our economy," said Brady. 
Brady believes Illinois should allow the national rate to catch up before the state wage is raised.
He also defended his recent vote for pension reform, calling it the first step in protecting retirees and taxpayers.
"It is important that we have a leader who can take those tough stands, work with the legislature as I did in a bi-partisan way to create a solution," said Brady. 
Brady won in all but four counties during the 2010 election. He says this time he needs to improve turn out in downstate Illinois, and he's been working on connecting with more voters in Chicago area.
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