Friday Fail: Walmart Employee's Revenge Back-Fires


By WSIL Manager

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL -- We head down to Florida for our Friday Fail where a Walmart employee faces charges after officials say he shot a co-worker's car window because she won an employee-of-the-month award.

Police say Willie Mitchell was mad because his co-worker at Walmart had won an employee-of-the-month award.
He reportedly started harassing her, saying that he had helped her numerous times and that he deserved the recognition.
Eventually he got mad and told her, quote, "I'm gonna show you."
Mitchell got in his car, pulled up alongside her car, shot out her window and drove away.
Luckily she wasn't in the car at the time and nobody was hurt.
Unluckily for Willie the whole thing was caught on Walmart's security cameras.
Willie Mitchell's been charged with discharging a firearm from a vehicle, and of course, he was fired from his job at Walmart, making him this week's Friday Fail. 


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