Friday Fail: Road Rage Instant Karma


By WSIL Manager

GAINESVILLE, FL - Our Friday Fail once again comes from the state of Florida where a man there recently got a dose of road rage karma.

The Gainesville Sun reports Joseph Carl had been drinking and drove into a vehicle stopped at a red light.

The 48-year-old got out of his truck, walked up to the car he just hit and started banging on the window.
The driver of that car got scared and drove off.
Here's where the karma comes in. Carl hadn't put his truck in park and with the other car gone, nothing was holding his truck in place.
The truck rolled right over him. A police report says he was taken to the hospital for fractures in his hand and foot.
He's also been charged with DUI and DUI property damage.
For taking his drunken road rage out on a car he hit, Carl got some instant karma, and he gets our Friday Fail title this week. 
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