Friday Fail: Hash Brown Fiasco


By WSIL Manager

MESA, AZ -- A couple in Arizona is facing charges for a fast-food fiasco.

Michael and Nova Smith recently hit the McDonald's drive-thru in Mesa, Arizona and ordered two breakfast meals, but when they pulled away there were no hash browns inside.

They went inside and confronted the managers, who reportedly refused to give them the hash browns or a refund.

Nova ended up throwing the bag of food at the workers.
Michael called 911, walked behind the counter, and says he almost went berserk on the manager.
The Smiths did tell a local news station that fighting over $2.00 worth of hash browns was ridiculous.
A McDonald's manager says the workers did try to fix the problem before things escalated.
The Smiths have been cited for assault and disorderly conduct for throwing food at the employees which makes them this week's Friday Fail. 
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