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Friday Fail: If At First You Don't Succeed...

WSIL -- Our Friday Fail story comes from New Jersey this week where a man released from prison lands right back behind bars for committing the same crime in the same place a second time. Read more »

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Friday Fail: Man Tries To Pay For Beer With Alligator

MIAMI, FL -- This week's Friday Fail takes us back down to Florida where a man who didn't have any money, tried to trade an alligator for beer. Read More »

Friday Fail: Gun Tattoo Brings Out Swat Team

Friday Fail -- We head to Maine for this week's Friday Fail story for something we haven't come across until now. Read More »

Friday Fail: Nearly Naked Batman Thief

NEWCASTLE, AU -- We head to the land down under for our Friday Fail where a man put a new spin on a stolen Batman costume. Read More »

Friday Fail: Man Arrested For Trying To Drive Off His Drunkenness

STUART, FL -- Our Friday Fail takes us to Florida once again where a drunk driver told police he was trying to "drive off" his drunkenness. Read More »

Friday Fail: Drunk Dialing For Tax Advice

ST. PETERSBURG, FL -- We head back to Florida for this week's Friday Fail story where a man was arrested for drunk dialing 911 for tax advice. Read More »

Friday Fail: Drive Thru Shooting

GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- A wrong order at McDonald's is usually not that big of a deal, but police say a woman in Michigan fired a shot over a meal mix-up. Read More »

Friday Fail: Car Thief Locked In Garage

WSIL -- We head up north to Chicago for our Friday Fail story this week, where police arrested a man inside the garage he was trying to steal a car from. Andre Bacon was for TRYING to steal a... Read More »

Friday Fail: Facebook Catches Another Criminal

FREELAND, PA - We head over to Pennsylvania for our Friday Fail story where Facebook has taken down another criminal. Read More »

Friday Fail: Woman Taunts Wave

CANTABRIA, SPAIN -- You've probably heard the phrase, "Don't mess with Mother Nature." This week's Friday Fail proves that to be true. Read More »

Friday Fail: Walmart Employee's Revenge Back-Fires

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL -- We head down to Florida for our Friday Fail where a Walmart employee faces charges after officials say he shot a co-worker's car window because she won an employee-of-the-month award. Read More »

Friday Fail: Hash Brown Fiasco

MESA, AZ -- A couple in Arizona is facing charges for a fast-food fiasco. Read More »

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