No Average Job: Beyond The Norm Investigators


By WSIL Manager

SESSER -- This week we head to the Sesser Opera House with the Beyond the Norm investigators for a closer look at why paranormal investigating is No Average Job, but neither is working at the allegedly haunted historic opera house.

The Sesser Opera House has been entertaining crowds in Franklin County for nearly a century, but when the lights go down and the place empties, it's the activity at night that will give you chills.

That's where Beyond the Norm Investigators come in, to try to explain the unexplainable.

"If somebody is afraid to be in their own home or place of business, we go in and try to find solutions for them, um not everything is paranormal," said paranormal investigator, Rachel Smith.

Rachel Smith has a normal job by day, but moonlighting as a paranormal investigator is no average job.

"If comforting people is a waste of time, then I'm more than willing to
waste my time."

"You go cold, you know you get shivers up and down your spine," said Caleb Spann.

For Caleb Spann, scary, unexplained happenings, are all in day's work
at 3 Brothers Cafe at the famed Sesser Opera House.

"You hear the footsteps so much, everyone knows, everyone talks about it, 'oh the ghost did this, or I heard the ghost.' Some experiences are more frightening than others," said Spann.

Dylan Simpson had one of those more frightening experiences while closing the cafe late one night.

"It was about 10 o'clock at night and we locked up the restaurant and I
was the only one here, everybody else left, and I'm walking out to my car and it got pushed open," Simpson said.>

The back door that Dylan had just locked up tight, had been shoved so
hard from the inside, the lock had to be replaced.

The employees are accustomed to all kinds of unusual activity, like cans randomly flying off of shelves.

It's activity that continues to draw the Beyond the Norm investigators
back in searching for answers.

"Until we get that holy grail of a ghost walking across the screen, pretty
much everything, EVPs, things like that can be explained away," said paranormal investigator, Kelly Lively.

Built in 1914, The Sesser Opera House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, but it's probably better known for the rumors of it being haunted.

"Anyone who says they don't believe in ghosts or hauntings, you really
gotta experience it if you want to be a true believer," said Spann.>

We went along with the Beyond the Norm team for this Friday the 13th
investigation of the opera house.

While there, we witnessed a few strange, like a chair on the wall, knocked to the ground the second our cameras had stopped rolling.

Later, before our camera man entered the room, we saw a flash light turning off and on by itself, in response to questions asked by the investigators.

Investigators say they understand why people are skeptical, but still they issue an open invitation.

"Come investigate with us, see if you have an experience, you're always going to be a skeptic until you experience something," said paranormal investigator, Kelly Lively.
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