Morning Eye Opener January 4th


By WSIL Reporter

Underwater Proposal

Marriage proposals happen everyday on dry land, so a Florida man decided to step outside the box by going underwater to pop the question.

Jeff Carroll and Jennifer Warner were scuba diving in Pompano Beach, Florida when they came across an old lamp on the sea floor. The lamp was planted there by his dive team, so Jeff was prepared with signs for the discovery.

The other divers gestured to his girlfriend to rub the lamp when Jeff held up a sign that read, "Make A Wish".

Jennifer was a bit confused until he held up the next sign with just two words. "Marry Me".

Carroll chose the elaborate proposal by incorporating his girlfriend's favorite movie, Aladdin.

PETA Bares It All

Two Peta representatives did their best to convert meat eaters into vegans by going au-natural.

Meggan Anderson and Leila Sleiman walked the streets of Albuquerque wearing nothing but lettuce.

The two were baring it all in order to get folks to try a new food in the new year.

The women handed out free To-Furkey Sandwiches along with vegetarian recipes and DVD's.

By banning meat products from your diet, PETA says a hundred animals will be saved from the slaughter each year.

Their message? Turn over a new leaf in 2013...go vegan.

Beer Pong Challenge

A popular college drinking game could win you 50-grand if you're a pro at the beer pong tables.

800 players from more than a dozen countries are in Las Vegas today for the World Series of Beer Pong.

The game is simple. You have to throw ping pong balls into a beer cup--drinking the beer is an added bonus if you like.

The tournament is in its 8th year and welcomes anyone who wants to toss a ball for a chance at 50-thousand dollars.

The catch? There's a one-thousand-dollar team entry fee for the tournament.

Organizers expect to use some 150 kegs of beer before the games come to an end later today.

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