Eat This, Not That: New Year's Superstitions


By WSIL Manager

WSIL - Hoping for a lucky 2012? The website shares some foods with superstitions attached.

Pork: Tradition says it's based on the idea that pigs symbolize progress. They push forward and root themselves in the ground before moving. In some countries, dishes like pigs feet are served.

Beans: According to legend- beans, peas, and lentils are symbolic of money. They start off small, but once they're cooked, they swell up. The thought is that if you eat beans, you'll have financial rewards in the new year.

Lobster: Lobsters can move backwards, and some believe that can lead to setbacks in the new year.

Chicken: It's the same theory as Lobster... chickens scratch backwards in the barnyard. That could lead to dwelling on things from the past. Another reason is because chickens have wings and any good luck could fly away.
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