No Average Job: Page Ironworks


By WSIL Manager

CARBONDALE -- Page Ironworks creations come in all shapes and sizes and can be seen across our region. Owner, Mike Page, shows us why bending and shaping metal is No Average Job. 

His designs are creative, some with so much detail you might think he uses some hi-tech computer program, but Mike Page wouldn't dream of doing that.
"It takes the process away because you draw a line on a screen and that's all you think about, you don't think about the components, you don't think about the fabrication, the installation, all the other aspects that come with it." 
Mike has been bending metal to his will for most of his life, but each project starts with a customer bending his ear, with pencil and paper in his hand.
"A lot of what I do is being able to listen to people when they're describing what they want," said Mike.
In 1985, in a small shop behind his house, Page Ironworks was born.
His first project was a fence.
Three years later he moved to a shop in Carbondale, but the projects have gotten a lot more complicated since then.
"You have to have an artistic mind to make this stuff. You have to
conceive shapes and forms and mechanical things in your mind, take them
apart, put them back together and then bring it into the real world and
make it happen out of material."
Customer orders continue to come in and Mike and his son Jim work a lot of hours just trying to keep up.
From ongoing restorations inside homes, with winding metal staircases, to a fire breathing dragon sculpture inside a fountain, Page Ironworks projects can be seen in many places across our region.
Mike sees each one of them through every step of the way.
"So I'm seeing it from the conception to the finish, and we build it here,
we sandblast it, we paint it, we go install it, and so it's a whole
process and the details are what really make it count."
Though he doesn't make a lot of money, he doesn't seem to mind.
He just can't see himself doing anything else.
"This is just what I do. It's just the nature of what I do, this is what I
wanted to do since I was in high school and everything from that point on
has been leading me here," Mike said. 

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