Storms Rip Through Hamilton County


By Nick Hausen

McLEANSBORO --  Thursday night's storms left their mark on southern Illinois. Strong winds and hail, larger than golf balls, pelted McLeansboro leaving damage in some parts of town.

"It was horrible," said Casey McKenzie. "Lots and lots of hail, bad strong winds."

After the storm, McKenzie didn't know how bad the extent of the damage was, but Friday morning, she found out what the hail did to her porch.

"My daughter came in this morning and she said mom what happened to your porch?," explained McKenzie. "I just said, I don't know why? I just thought things probably got blown around, but we came out here and it was all pitted from here all the way over there."

Hail damage could be found on homes and businesses around the town. Some had pieces of siding littered with holes, while others had windows that had been broken out. It's the damage to cars that is the worst.

"The majority of what we're seeing is hail damage to vehicles," said Lynn Braden with State Farm. "The time that the storm came through the area was obviously the commute time for most people going home from work, so we saw a lot of cars that got stuck in the storm and suffered hail damage."

Braden's office was slamped Friday with claims calls for hail damage and trees toppled. She thinks more claims will come in.

"We have seen a little bit to homes," explained Braden. "I think that we'll probably see some more roof claims come in over the next couple days after contractors have got out and looked at the roofs."

If your car was damaged by hail last night, the dents may require an auto shop to pop them out, but Braden said many will come out by leaving your car in the heat and sun.

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