Zeigler Celebrates Centennial Homecoming


By Loreto Cruz III

FRANKLIN COUNTY-- The city of Zeigler is celebrating 100 years. The town wrapped up three days of fun in the town's circle Saturday.

Historic pictures and items were on display for visitors to study, and the American Legion invited residents in for a barbeque. There was also a coal miner themed parade on Saturday morning.

Many families made a trip back to the region for an annual visit to their hometown and to celebrate their roots.

"We came from St Louis," said Zeigler native, Christine Elsesser. "My mom is now in Edwardsville. We picked her up and came down with my daughters, so they can see for once where I spent all of my summers." 

Zeigler historian and author Allan Patton was on hand Saturday, sharing his research of the town's history.

"This town has a very rich history." said Patton, "I have quite a lot of material to go off of, but I've managed to shave it down to about 150 slides."

His presentation told the story of Zeigler before it was formally recognized by the state. It began as a mining camp around 1898, digging for the sought after "high quality coal from a southern Illinois vein."

The full history can be found in Patton's book "In the Shadow of the Tipple: Zeigler, Illinois."

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