Pilot Forced to Abandon Plane in Mid-Flight


By WSIL Reporter

  WSIL-- A pilot  who trained at SIU had a scary incident over the weekend, when he had to abandon his plane in mid flight.

21 year-old, Shawn Kinmartin parachuted himself to safety Saturday, just moments before his damaged plane crashed into a cornfield in Monroe County.

He works for a parachuting company out of Festus, Missouri. He says the plane began pitching upwards after a skydiver's parahute got caugt in the plane's tail.

When he realized he wouldn't be able to get the plan safely back to the Festus Airport, he says he headed for a remote location and jumped out.

Kinmarting said, " I am a flight simulation students at SIU and we practice different emergency sistuations. When I jumped out, the plane spiraled and crashed intro the field.

Kinmartin jumped out when the plan was about 1,500 fee above the ground.  It ended up being his first time skying diving

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