Wintry Mix Causes Dangerous Interstate Travel


By Matthew Searcy

WILLIAMSON COUNTY - Tuesday's snow storm made for difficult travel for drivers in Southern Illinois. Sleet and ice collected on Route 13 and Interstate 57 throughout the afternoon.

"Normally I'm running 70 mph or close to it," said long haul trucker Fruia Cook. "I'm down to 45 or 50."

State police reported dozens of accidents along Interstate 57.

"Couple of jackknifed trucks, a lot of cars off the road," said Cook.

The mix fell throughout the afternoon, forcing many drivers to pull over for the night.

"I planned to be in Chicago by tonight but it looks like I will be there probably by noon tomorrow," explained Cook.

Williamson county snow plows did their best to keep main roads clear from the steady stream of winter mix. County engineer Greg Smothers says roads were pretreated both Monday and Tuesday morning. Crews will be at work early Wednesday to improve conditions before the morning commute.

"For sure we are going to work through the early evening," said Smothers. "And probably come in early tomorrow."

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