Local Businesses Hit Hard This Winter


By Evie Allen
By Randy Livingston

WILLIAMSON COUNTY -- Businesses, big and small, are taking a hard hit this winter. Many parking lots have ice over them, which is treacherous for staff and customers.

It's a real headache for businesses like Mr. Koolz Frozen Yogurt and More in Marion.
"When there's ice on the ground and snow on the ground, they don't really think that much about going and eating frozen treats," says owner Brent Gentry.
Gentry has had to close early for the past couple of days. The shop was closed completely for three days in December. And with school cancelled, they've been holding orders that go to area schools.
"People just don't want to get out and go venture out at the restaurants. They just want to stay at home," says Gentry.
Mr. Koolz is just one of many businesses taking a loss this winter. Everyday, Sugar Baby's Cakes delivers cupcakes to the frozen yogurt shop. They've only been open since June and have had to close five times since December.
"That really hurt what we had projected for December, and then we moved into January, and we've had to close a couple of days in January as well," says owner John Woods.
February followed suit, the bakery was closed again Wedneday. Woods has had a hard time keeping regular hours this winter.
"We would hate to come in and make everything and then, not only not have the sales but then be out the cost of food. We figured sometimes it's just better to close and just have a day without sales," he says.
One good thing both businesses can count on is loyal customers.
"When I need a cupcake, I need a cupcake now," says Susan Brandon.
"They get out and support us, so we're thankful for them and that's what helps us keep our chin up," says Woods.
Gentry says he likes to go by the old saying "just weather the storm." And that's what both business intend to do. It's safe to say everybody's ready for Spring. 
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