Williamson County Joins Fee Collection Program


By WSIL Manager

WILLIAMSON CO. -- Williamson County is joining a program to go after people who haven't paid speeding tickets or court fees.

The Local Debt Recovery Program is run through the State Comptroller's office. If a person owes the county money, it will be withheld from their state tax return. They'll get a notice from the state and have 60 days to appeal.
Leaders say collecting those fees could make a big difference in the county's finances.
"We can go back seven years," said Williamson County Commissioner Jim Marlo. "In seven years time, over two million dollars of uncollected fines, fees, and judgements that is owed to Williamson County."
Marlo says the program doesn't cost the county anything. The county hopes to start collecting unpaid fines and fee next tax season.
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