Water Bills Skyrocket in Freeman Spur


By Matthew Searcy

WILLIAMSON COUNTY -- Skyrocketing water bills are causing frustration for some folks in Williamson County. Residents in Freeman Spur say their bills have more than tripled. 

"There is no reason my water bill should be this high," said Todd Sanders. "There is something not right here." 
Sanders water bill more than tripled last month jumping to more than $140.   
"Three times now I have had it to where I am automatically charged for 10,000 gallons," said Sanders. "I've had my leaks checked several times. No leaks found anywhere."  
Now he wants answers. He took his concerns to the city but was told there was little they could do. 
"They said they've never had this problem with anybody before and that piqued my interest," explained Sanders. "I called the person I bought the house from and he said he had the problem about two or three times a year." 
But it's not just Sanders' home. Several other people, like longtime resident Pat Pohl, have reported the same skyrocketing water bills once every few months.  
"An average water bill is around sixty some bucks a month but sometimes it will just double and you can't explain it," said Pohl. "You will look at your gallon usage and ask, "Where did that go?" 
Freeman Spur Mayor Curt Spaven doesn't have an answer but says the blame should not be directed at the village 
"There is nothing going on here," said Spaven. "It's just people that don't understand the water and I don't understand the water, but when it goes through the meter that is it.  We put meters in gradually and replace them as they're needed." 
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