Traveling Builders Help Habitat for Humanity


By Evie Allen

HERRIN -- A new Habitat for Humanity house going up in Herrin is getting a boost.

Volunteers from across the country have traveled to southern Illinois to take part in the build. Since volunteers can be hard to find, the board reached out to a group known as the R-V Care-A-Vanners

"These care-a-vanners have come from all over the United States to help us with this build," says Bart Mann.

The group travels across the country and Canada helping local Habitat affiliates. Habitat for Humanity is a ministry that provides homes for people who otherwise can't afford one.

"I have not met a homeowner yet that doesn't feel blessed," says care-a-vanner Tom Fox.
Five volunteers from four different states are helping with the project. Fox is from Iowa and he and his wife are leading the team of travelers. He says it's nice to see a group of strangers come together for something so remarkable.
"When you look at this, we started this morning with a concrete slab and we've got three walls up. By the end of the day, hopefully we'll have all the walls up," shares Fox.
Volunteers from Old National Bank branches across the region are helping the care-a-vanners. Without the free labor these homes couldn't be built.
"I enjoy doing it for somebody that needs it or can't do it. And that's a perfect fit in this situation," says volunteer John Barnett.
Fox says the home owners are always grateful and he's thankful he gets to help.
"This is probably one of the most selfish things that I do because I get so much more out this than I think I give" expresses Fox.
The Care-A-Vanners will be here until next Friday and they're still looking for additional volunteers. To help you can call the Habitat for Humanity Willimamson County at 997-3134 .
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