Students Respond to New Concealed Carry Stickers on Campus


By Evie Allen
By Andy Shofstall

CARBONDALE -- SIU is reminding people on its campus about the new concealed carry las.The school has put up new signs reinforcing a weapons ban.

In December, campus officials started putting up concealed carry stickers to comply with the new concealed carry rule. Some students believe it is unnecessary.

"I don't really need a sticker to tell me not to bring a gun to school. The only people that follow stickers and posted things are people that are already law abiding citizens," says junior Zack Martin.

University officials say concealed carry doesn't change the 'no weapons' policy that is already in place. But they believe it helps to reinforce it. Some students like sophomore Raymond Walden say the stickers serve as a good reminder.

"Also for guests. The ones that come maybe to sporting events or just to visit because this is a really big school,"says Walden.

Over a thousand stickers are spread across campus and officials will continue to post them on buildings. Both students agree they feel no danger at SIU.

'"I feel safe on campus. There is campus police and in my experience, they've done a wonderful job here." says Martin.

"This is a safe campus," says Walden. "And as long as they're around, we should be fine."

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