Storms Bring Flooding to Southern Illinois, Damage to Arkansas


By Nick Hausen

WSIL -- Storms hit southern Illinois Wednesday afternoon bringing a lot of ominous looking clouds, but area escaped without much damage. Images of shelf clouds were common across the area Wednesday, but only minor damage was reported.

Flash flooding became the biggest concern by Wednesday evening with many areas seeing several inches of rainfall in a short amount of time. Some drivers found out the hard way that you should never drive through flooded roadways.

Storms shifted south Thursday bringing heavy rains and reports of strong straight-line winds from an Mesoscale Convective System, also known as an "MCS", a large complex of thunderstorms that can travel for many miles bringing widespread wind damage.

Wind damage occurred in Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Alabama. One of the hardest hit areas was northeast Arkansas. Trees and powerlines were toppled, and roofs ripped off homes and businesses from winds more than sixty miles an hour.

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