Shield of Support


By Hilary LeHew
By Andy Shofstall

HARRISBURG-- Supporters of three Harrisburg tornado victims came out to shield their funerals Saturday after threats that a group of people were going to protest the funerals.

Thousands of people lined the streets of Harrisburg to protect families from would be funeral protesters. The supporters wore purple and held signs and balloons to honor those who lost their lives in the deadly tornado.

They came from all over the midwest to protect the funerals from any disruptions.

"It's really incredible," said Erin Carter of Mt. Vernon, Indiana. "I mean, we've got thousands of people out here, we've got signs, we've got motorcycle clubs, we've got just, strangers pulling together," she continued.

"It's important that people have an opportunity to say their last goodbyes and bury their loved ones with reverence," added Governor Quinn.

State troopers in Harrisburg said the group that threatened to come and protest the services never showed up.

The shield of supporters plan on being in Harrisburg again on Sunday to protect the funerals of the other three storm victims just in case.
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