Sack Hunger 2014: Harrisburg


By WSIL Reporter

HARRISBURG -- Our Sack Hunger food drive returns for a third straight year. We'll be collecting donations for a Harrisburg pantry Friday night. And we're once again turning to those fans for help fighting hunger in our region. This week we're helping the pantry at the Anna Bixby women's center in Harrisburg.

We want everyone coming to Bulldog's game against Mt. Carmel Friday. The Anna Bixby Women's Center serves Saline County residents. It's open every Tuesday. Right now they're feeding between 1,500 and 1,800 people a month.

Each week, hundreds of people come in for food. They're allowed to visit one time per month. The pantry gets food from two regional food banks but administrators say it's not enough. The need has gone up quite bit since last year.
"A lot of times we don't think of someone being hungry when we have plenty of food ourselves. But sometimes we need to look outside ourselves and think, 'this is Saline County. This is where I live and there are hungry and underprivileged people here,'" says advocate Diane Taborn.
Pantry officials say their shelves are regularly cleaned out and they don't get to pick what they receive from the regional food banks, so they have to rely on donations to try and provide balanced meals.
Since the Bulldog's opponent is outside our viewing area, all the food is going to the Harrisburg pantry. Anna Bixby will also receive a $500 donation from our partners at Black Diamond Harley Davidson. Starting next week, the competition is on for the money from Black Diamond. You can click here for the details and to find out where we're headed this season.
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