SIU Students Slip and Slide to Classes


By Fanna Haile-Selassie
By Ben Jeffords

CARBONDALE -- The recent snow and ice storm has led to a lot of slipping and sliding and not just on the roadways. Several SIU students say they've been practically skating to class.

SIU officials say as of Wednesday, they've used 110 tons of salt and 1,200 gallons of brine to treat campus roads, sidewalks, and parking lots. All of which was just for this recent storm. 

But if you talk to students, the university still has more work to do. Because if the goal is to get to class on time, then it depends on the route you take. 

"If you're trying to walk up the bridge, it's really hard and you just fall back down," says SIU freshman Megan Welk. 
Med Prep student Terrence Thompson explains, "I couldn't tell if it was ice or snow, and I took a step and i was dancing."
On the Carbondale campus, the path typically least travelled is the one that's clear.
"It seems like they're clearing certain areas and not all areas that students take," continues Thompson.
But students like their shortcuts, and they're not deviating from them.
"Behind Faner is one of the shortcuts I take to get to the agriculture building or to the communications building, and it's like a little forest area. People walk behind there and they put no type of salt really," explains sophomore Dionte Bolling.
"That's where I fell earlier," explains Senior Krista Burris. "I fell on top of the snow, trying to avoid the ice."
SIU spokesperson Rae Goldsmith says they have 50 staff working solely on clearing snow and ice from the roughly 14 miles of roadways on campus and 28 miles of sidewalks.
"We knew it would be a challenge, but we also knew we could get campus in shape to be open and that's always our first goal,"says Goldsmith.
She says the university sends out maps of the cleared paths for students to take, but it's up for students to heed the caution.
"I was rushing to class and I slipped on a piece on a patch of ice. I think I might have messed up my knee," says Med Prep student Sekani Allen.
But with the falls, come the learned lessons. And slowly but surely, students are becoming ice-gliding pros.
"Walk slowly, if there's anything to hold on to, hold on to it," advices Bolling.
Goldsmith says all of the campus's primary sidewalks have been treated and are about 80 percent cleared. The secondary sidewalks are currently being treated and are 50 percent cleared.
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