Restaurant Report Card: Sept. 1, 2014


By Emily Finnegan

WSIL -- Kew Gardens in Herrin makes its sixth appearance on the Report Card with an 83.

This time, there was only one critical violation. Paint cannot be stored in the same room with food equipment. The restaurant lost additional points because that room was cluttered and needed to be cleaned. Food in the walk-in cooler wasn't at least six inches off the floor. Some items were left uncovered. Others weren't labeled with the date and time they were prepared. 

The inspector marked off because bowls were being used as scoops, and the wiping cloths had to be soaked in sanitizer. The manager says the restaurant recently did some remodeling, and that's why the can of paint was in the building. All the problems were corrected immediately.         

Agave in Mt. Vernon received an 85 on its most recent check.

Three types of moldy peppers had to be thrown away, and one of the refrigerators wasn't cold enough. Twenty pounds of chicken and beef had to be tossed out, along with 10 pounds of chorizo sausage and several different vegetables. Those two critical issues cost the restaurant 10 points.

Ice cream and salsa were put away uncovered, and the wiping cloths for cleaning weren't being soaked in sanitizer between uses. The inspector also spotted food and pooling water at the bottom of one cooler.

A follow-up visit a week later showed the problematic refrigerator was now keeping the correct temperature.

An 88 puts Birdie's Sports Grille in Whittington next on our list.

No critical deductions, but a broken cooler either had to be fixed or taken out of the kitchen, and the sinks, microwave, ovens and storage area needed to be cleaned. The health department also marked off because the mop was left in the kitchen, and the ceiling in the walk-in cooler had to be fixed.

Sergio's in Herrin scored a 94. A light in the kitchen had to be fixed, damaged grease filters needed to be replaced, and there was a leak at the three-compartment sink.

And finally, Golden Corral takes the top spot this week with 97 which marks a 22-point improvement from last month.

There were no critical issues. Tongs at the salad bar had to be washed, and a rack of food wasn't labeled correctly.

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