Restaurant Report Card: June 9, 2014


By Emily Finnegan

WSIL -- A plumbing issue contributed to a health department score of 75 for Egyptian Corner in Carbondale.

The ice machine was emptying directly into a sewer line instead of draining into a proper drain. The inspector ordered Egyptian Corner to throw out all the ice, stop using the machine, and clean and disinfect it once the repairs were made.
Green-colored lunch meat in the fridge had to be thrown away. It had no label or date-marking. Additionally, there was no sanitizer at all in the restaurant. The report notes sanitizer is necessary to clean dishes and any food surfaces in the kitchen.
Some pans and tongs that were supposed to be clean had food buildup on them, and the meat saw wasn't being cleaned after each use. The inspector wrote, "if the meat saw is left dirty again, it will have to be removed from the facility."
A follow-up check three days later found the critical violations fixed, but "due to the nature and volume of serious food handling" issues, Egyptian Corner will now get monthly visits from the health department. We tried to reach management for comment, but the phone's been disconnected.
Bandana's in Mt. Vernon earned an 88. One refrigerator wasn't staying cold enough; potato salad, cole slaw, butter, salad dressing and sour cream had to be thrown away. That was the only critical issue.
Cutting boards and knives used for carving meat needed to be cleaned and sanitized, and an unused freezer had to be removed from the kitchen. The refrigerator problem was fixed within a week.
The health department gave Von Jakob Vineyard in Alto Pass a 93. There were no critical issues, but cold water at a hand sink had to be repaired. A mixer and waffle iron also needed cleaning.
Von Jakob earned praise for good handwashing and food cooling.
It was a 96 for Pita Alley in Carbondale. The inspector asked that cardboard and duct tape be removed from any area where there's food. Those are not approved contact surfaces because they can harbor moisture and bacteria.
And this week's high scorer is Papa Z's Homemade Ice Cream in Mt. Vernon with a 99. The one-point deduction was for items that were left on the floor of the walk-in freezer.
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