Restaurant Report Card: June 30, 2014


By Emily Finnegan
By Andy Shofstall

WSIL -- Show Me's in Carbondale received a 78 on its most recent inspection.

There were a couple of critical problems. The back door was left propped open, which means bugs and animals could potentially get inside. Additionally, the restaurant needed to provide treatment for fruit flies. The exterminator was already scheduled to visit.
There was also an issue with the sanitizer at the bar. It was too strong and had to be adjusted. All the toilets and sinks in the rest rooms needed a thorough cleaning, and the drain board at the dish machine for clean items wasn't clean. Some chicken wasn't labeled with the date it was opened. The cutting board in the salad area was dirty, and portion cups were being used as scoops.
The inspector warned this was Show Me's second poor inspection this year and if improvements weren't made, the restaurant would start getting checked every month. A follow-up two days later showed everything had been fixed.
The owner says the welfare of customers is Show Me's number one priority; new procedures are now in place and they're working more closely with the Jackson County Health Department to avoid future problems. 
It was an 89 for Geo's in Mt. Vernon. The only critical problem involved the sanitizer at the three-compartment sink. The inspector found too much bleach was being used, but it was fixed right away.
The meat slicer was dusty, and the microwave, ice maker and sides of the stove needed to be cleaned as well. The sink in the bar was leaking, and several areas of the floor needed to be repaired because there were holes or missing tiles.
Marion's La Comadre scored a 92.
There weren't any critical violations, but some foods in the refrigerator had to be labeled with the date and time they were cooked. The toaster oven was on the floor, and a hand sink needed soap and paper towels.
Backyard Burger, another Marion spot earned high marks with 95.
The dumpster lid was left open, which cost the restaurant two points. The light above the ice maker needed a shield to protect against a broken bulb, and the ceiling above the mop sink had to be repaired.
And topping the list this week is Bubba's in Nason with a 98. The side of the ice maker and the floor in the storage area needed cleaning. Those were the only two minor issues. 
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