Restaurant Report Card: June 16, 2014


By Emily Finnegan
By Andy Shofstall

WSIL -- Wok N Roll in Marion lands the low score this week with a 78.

The inspector marked off for a pair of critical violations. The first was a hand sink blocked by food equipment. The manager says there was a spoon in it, and the problem was quickly remedied by removing it. 
The second critical deduction was for raw and ready-to-eat foods that weren't separated. The inspector found cooked chicken with raw beef. The manager says it was an employee meal that was not going to be served in the restaurant.
Wok N Roll also lost points because a worker grabbed corn with their hand instead of using a spoon, some refrigerated food wasn't labeled with the date and time it was prepared, and there was a leak at a sink.'
Management says all the health department's concerns were addressed on the spot
Sesser Grille in Sesser earned an 86 on its most recent health inspection.
There was only one critical issue. Raw foods were being stored above cooked foods, which is a cross-contamination risk. The inside of the microwave, areas of the floor, and shelves in the cooler needed cleaning, and there wasn't adequate light in the kitchen. 
Cleaning rags weren't being soaked in sanitizer between uses, and the ice machine wasn't draining correctly.
20's Hideout Steakhouse in Marion received a 92.
Food in the freezer had to be covered to protect it from condensation on the compressor. Additionally, that compressor wasn't draining correctly, and the salad prep area needed to be cleaned.
It was a 95 for Lone Star Steakhouse in Mt. Vernon. An open soda was left above uncovered food in the refrigerator. Some floor tiles in the kitchen were broken and had to be replaced, and the handle of a scoop was touching the breading.
And holding the top spot this week is Sesser favorite, The Custard Stand with a 97.
There were two minor deductions at The Custard Stand. The inside of the freezer needed cleaning, along with hard to reach areas of the floor.
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