Restaurant Report Card: Feb. 3, 2014


By Emily Finnegan
By Andy Shofstall

WSIL -- The inspector gave Show Me's in Carbondale a 72 on its most recent check.

A trio of critical problems cost the restaurant a total of 15 points. Show Me's lost five for unlabeled chemical spray bottles, five more for soup that wasn't being re-heated correctly, and another five because an employee's drink in the kitchen didn't have a lid and straw on it. 
A gauge on the dish machine was broken; some food in the freezer wasn't covered, and the air vents on the ice machine needed to be cleaned. A drain board on the dish machine, the floor under the fryers, and the toilets in the women's bathroom also needed cleaning.
The manager says the inspector caught them at a busy time and calls the score uncharacteristically low. He says all the problems have now been corrected.
Denny's in Carbondale scored an 86 the last time the health department visited. There were two critical violations here. Cleaning chemicals were being stored on top of the dish machine and at the front prep sink, and there was no sanitizer in the dish machine.
The waffle iron, stove, and part of the grill were dirty. The wall behind the dish machine and parts of the ceiling also needed to be cleaned. Denny's was marked down for peeling paint, and because some of the lights didn't have shields on them to protect against broken bulbs. 
The restaurant was praised for maintaining the proper temperature on both hot and cold foods.
Don Tequilas in Du Quoin received a 92.
The inspector didn't find any critical problems, but there was mold on the ice machine. Some food in the freezers and refrigerators wasn't covered, and the restroom trash cans needed lids.
A 97 puts Golden Corral in Carbondale next on our list. The minor deductions were for tape on some shelves, and cutting boards that needed to be cleaned or replaced.
And this week's high scorer is Kiki's Coffee house in Anna. Kiki's earned a perfect 100 on its latest health inspection. 
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