Road Work Causing Headache for Marion Residents


By Evie Allen

MARION -- Road work in Marion is causing a headache for some residents.

The latest construction along Morgan Avenue has been going on since last fall. Crews are widening the road which runs just north of the I-57, Route 13 interchange. But that's leading to some frustrating closures.

Residents say there's been a lack of communication. They say they're frustrated because no one is telling them what's going on.

The almost $1 million dollar expansion project is starting to take its toll on residents.

"I'm all for improvement that's for sure. But I guess you got to take the bad with the good," says Eddie Nichols.

Engineers say Morgan Avenue is too narrow right now, making it unsafe. But closing parts of the road for construction is disrupting the neighborhood. Eddie Nichols lives along Peabody which intersects Morgan.

He says residents were told in a city council meeting back in December, construction wouldn't be an inconvenience.

"Well it's now an inconvenience because they have to circle around and go through neighbors driveways,"  he explains.

Resident Amber Evraets says it's her driveway motorists go through.     

"Now that this part of the road is closed, closer to our house, people are driving, turning around or going all the way around and speeding through our drive-way, which says, no trespassing," she says.

 She says many drivers are speeding and she's concerned about the safety of children.

"We were having people drive down these roads between 35-55 miles an hour. We have a good probably 10 to 12 kids that are under the age of 10."

Nichols admits he hasn't voiced his concerns at any recent council meetings. But says road work changes and no one lets him know what's going on.

"We would like to be informed of what's going on out through here," says Nichols.

News Three reached out to Marion city leaders and construction officials Friday. They all declined an on-camera interview.

They did say residents need to be patient and there were some delays due to winter weather.

Construction is scheduled to be complete by August 1st.    

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