Rescuers Save Woman Trapped in Mud


By WSIL Reporter

WHITE COUNTY -- It was not your average rescue in White County after a woman became trapped along the shore of the Little Wabash River.

Amy Chittwood spent more than a day struggling to free herself from the mud. She fell near the river in Carmi on Saturday.

Adam Allen, an EMT with White County Ambulance Service, never expected a call like this. A fisherman contacted police Sunday morning after he discovered what he thought was a dead body on the river bank of the Little Wabash.

"I wasn't sure what I was looking at. I saw the officers there and then I saw the woman move and then I was like o'kay, this just got real,'" says Allen.

39-year-old Chittwood went for a walk along the bank Saturday morning. Officer Jonathan Lucas says the weekend's rain made the trek more dangerous than normal.

"The embankment was very steep. She tried to climb up it and she couldn't so she tried to climb up some rocks and that's when she slipped and fell backwards, landing where they found her," he explains.

Chittwood injured her hip and became trapped thigh deep in the mud. Her cries for help drowned out by the noise of a nearby dam.

Allen says by the time rescuers arrived, she'd been stuck for more than a day.

"She was very cold, shivering quite a bit. Mud was everywhere. She was thirsty and very tired," he says.

Chittwood was found down on the river bank, and even if she was able to free herself she would still have to make it up the side of the embankment, where it is difficult to get a solid footing.

Allen says it took crews about half an hour to free Chittwood using a Stokes Basket.

They had to fight the mud the entire time, and some rescuers even lost their boots.

"It will suction to you. You've got to fight to get yourself out and fight to get someone else out," says Allen.

Amy Chittwood was flown to Good Samaritan Hospital in Mount Vernon with non-life threatening injuries.
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