Republicans Question Governor Quinn's Use of Disaster Funds


By WSIL Reporter

WILLIAMSON COUNTY  --  Two Republican lawmakers accuse Governor Quinn of misusing federal disaster relief funds.

Governor Quinn was at Crab Orchard Marina to sign a new law cutting costs for hunting and fishing licenses for Illinois seniors.

But the focus quickly shifted after claims surfaced the governor misused federal disaster relief funds for the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative in Chicago.

Federal lawmakers are demanding answers.

They want to know how Governor Quinn used disaster relief funds from Hurricane Ike back in 2008. 
41 counties were impacted and Illinois received close to $194 million from the government for relief and recovery.
Now, many are wondering how that money was spent.
Republican U.S. Senator Mark Kirk is leading the charge, asking the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Housing to investigate.
He released a statement saying he wants to know,"...who received the aid, were they victims of disaster, and what was done with the money."
Republican Congressman John Shimkus is following suit, saying, "I will work with the senator (Kirk) to arrange an Illinois delegation briefing when we return to Washington."
But, the Governor Quinn denies any misconduct.
"No, I haven't misused any funds like that. I don't agree with that at all. You know we take safe-guarding of any of the funds we receive," he says.
It's expected that an investigation will take place but for now the governor says he's just worried about his job of running the state.
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