Renovations Underway at Harrisburg Park District


By Evie Allen
By Jared Roberts

HARRISBURG -- The Harrisburg Park is getting a new look. Crews are sprucing up the grounds and renovating some facilities, thanks to a $300,200 state grant.

The district hasn't received the money from the state, but that hasn't stopped progress. Crews began work on the eight-project renovations in June.

"I'm very excited about the project. This is still a huge deal for Harrisburg and our park," says park director Ron Emery.

Emery says he's happy to start work. In order to get the money the district had to match the state's amount. So, it will have more than $600,000 to spend.

"The reason we picked eight projects was to reach different types of people," he says.

Work is nearly complete on new walking trail lights and new restrooms. There are also plans to renovate the pool, build a new ampitheater, build a multi-purpose recreational court and widen one of the walking bridges.

"It's huge to us because it's going to allow, not only the fact that we don't have to drive all the way around the park to get to another area, we can now come across the bridge," says Emery.

He says when finished, the park will be a great place for people from Harrisburg and surrounding communities.

"People can't afford to take big vacations anymore so at least they can come out here at night or during the daytime and bring their kids," Emery says.

Crews will begin rebuilding the bridge Wednesday. Emery says the whole project will take over a year to complete. 

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