Profiting From the World Cup


By Fanna Haile-Selassie
By Randy Livingston

CARBONDALE -- A loss is still a win for the USA soccer team. They were defeated by Germany Thursday at the World Cup but are still moving on to the next round. American soccer fans are excited, along with local businesses that are cashing in.

It's hard to put into words just how important the match between USA and Germany truly was. 
"I think it means a lot to the country. You just look at it, how much everybody is invested in it and how much it means to everyone," says soccer fan Nathan Tope.
As the Americans try to prove that they belong on the World stage, many new fans are also jumping on board the soccer bandwagon.
Chelsey Hatley explains, "This is my first year actually being involved in soccer, and that's because {my friend} kind of got me into it. I like it a lot, it's awesome. It's exciting."
And that's just fine with Tres Hombres Manager Jay Jansen. He says he's thrilled by all the newcomers.
"We're enjoying all local clientele and students that are here. I mean, it's just everyone in America is actually coming together around this team and it's a lot of fun to just come and watch."
Pinch Penny owner Jimmy Karayiannis says this time around, the World Cup is working in their favor. The game times are during the day when people can stop by their local bar to watch. And that means more money and new customers.
"The USA games have been great, 200 percent to 300 percent of what we normally have during those times. Especially today, we're not even normally open at this hour, so all of this is extra," explains Karayiannis.
But there's a catch to the booming business, it all depends on how well Team USA does.
"It would be definitely bad for business. It would be bad for soccer, especially its awareness level in this country," says Karayiannis. "People are really finally starting to catch on."
So pub owners and soccer fans can rest easy for a few days. Even with a loss to Germany, USA moves on.
"An advance is an advance, you know. You'd like to go in with a draw or a win against Germany, but you get to play the next match."
And local bars will have another chance for some great business.
Team USA will play its first knockout game Tuesday afternoon at  3:00 p.m. against their opponent, Belgium. If the USA loses, they're out. If they win, they will play the winners of the Argentina-Switzerland match.
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