Pools Damaged by Harsh Winter


By Matthew Searcy

WSIL -- Summertime is almost here and many people will soon be opening those backyard pools. Experts say there are a few things to keep in mind, especially considering the brutal winter.   

"You can almost do everything perfectly and still have issues as cold as the winter was last year," said Pool Co. Owner Mark Carvell.  
He says pool owners have plenty of work to do when opening their pool this year.  
"The freeze and thaw was really harsh so we have had a lot of people coming in here looking for broken parts," said Carvell. "It's the pool pumps and the pool filters and chlorinators." 
Identifying broken appliances is important and simple, but the weather can also bring unwarranted concerns.  
"A lot of people will open their pools up and it will have less water than when they closed it and they think they have a leak," explained Carvell. "Not necessarily and probably not." 
A drop in the water level is natural. 
"The accumulation of snow, ice and rain will actually displace water in your pool," said Carvell. 
Once the pool cover is gone, removing winterization plugs and reconnecting equipment  is next. He urges people to do these steps themselves but to call an expert if the equipment doesn't start. 
"If you didn't do it exactly right and you have an underground leak that's a major rehabilitation problem," explained Carvell.  
He's seen plenty of underground plumbing issues during his 36 years in the business. The most severe of which typically come after harsh winters.  
"There are some pools out there that have plumbing situations bad enough that the pool has to come out," said Carvell.  
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