Police: Special Response Team Arrested Shooter


By Sam Jones
By Andy Shofstall

JACKSON COUNTY -- Carbondale police used a special response team Thursday to arrest a shooting suspect who was on the run for two weeks.

Omari Tinsley was wanted for shooting a man last month outside the Rebound alternative school. The 18-year-old was finally tracked down Thursday at an apartment on Walnut St. He faces charges that include attempted first degree murder.

When police learned Tinsley was hiding in that Carbondale apartment, they didn't know whether he was armed or would put up a fight.  It was a volatile situation that could've gone any number of ways.

“It was just crazy yesterday [Thursday] because all we seen was all these people coming in with their guns just going right up there,” witness Jory Brown recalled, "Next thing you know they kicked in the door, flash, bang and they just ran in there.”

About 20 Carbondale officers were there, led by their special tactics team.

“We train for that and all of the officers that were there yesterday have a lot of experience dealing with these volatile dangerous situations,” Deputy Chief Stan Reno explained.

He said police were prepared for anything; balancing the safety of everyone nearby with apprehending Tinsley quickly.

“Everything we did was very calculated and planned out,” shared Reno.

It was a dramatic afternoon for neighbors.

“I was scared because I didn't know what was going on,” Christian Bullion said.

“We all knew they weren't gonna sit out here and watch him too long, and we also knew he wasn't coming out willingly,” added Iesha Childress.

They said it’s no secret Tinsley was hiding there, but don't know for how long. He had eluded police for just over two weeks.

“It's been an evolving case and information was coming in at all different times,” Reno explained.

He was on the run since Jan. 27, when investigators say he opened fire during a fight in the parking lot of Rebound school. The parent of a student was shot.

“We never lost sight of the fact that we had an armed suspect that we wanted to get into custody,” Reno said.

Their high pressure mission ended in success on all fronts.

“We took Mr. Omari Tinsley into custody without anybody being injured,” Reno said.

Tinsley remains in the Jackson County Jail.

The shooting victim was seriously injured and remains hospitalized.

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