Police: No Serial Rapist in Marion


By Sam Jones
By Andy Shofstall

WILLIAMSON COUNTY-- Marion leaders want to set the record straight.

Rumors have been spreading in recent days, about a serial rapist in the city. Police say, that's just not true.

Police confirm one sexual assault this month, the only incident of its kind in 2014. They say people should be cautious as always, but there is not serial rapist on the loose.

“If there was a weekly, monthly incident, we would definitely be talking to the public about it,” Chief Dawn Tondini explained.

She says her department isn't hiding anything, there is simply not a serial rapist in town.

“One a year is hard to me to be considered serial,” she said.

The most recent sexual assault happened on July 4, in the 600 block of North McLaren Street. It’s the first confirmed sexual assault since 2013.

“The door was kicked in and an unidentified suspect entered her home, and she was assaulted,” Tondini added.

The victim didn't get a good look at the suspect, so investigators don't have a description of the perpetrator.

“There's no rhyme or reason, method to predict when they're happening,” she told News 3.

Tondini's department has also received calls from the public. They’ve asked about a supposed release from the state's attorney that's been circulating online. Police and the state's attorney say it's not legitimate.

“The state's attorney did not put anything out, because nothing has been submitted to them,” said Tondini.

Much of the concern started on the internet where rumors spread like wildfire.

“You just can't believe everything you read on Facebook,” Tondini pointed out.

It's not the first time something like this happened.

“When we had the sexual assault last year, I saw on Facebook there had been three on one street, which was totally false,” added Tondini.

With that being said, she does advise caution as usual.

“Light up the outside of your house, keep bushes trimmed outside your house where people can't hide. Get an external, audible alarm,” she suggested.

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