Winter Weather Leaves Perry County Low on Road Salt


By Evie Allen

PINCKNEYVILLE -- Perry County crews face an added challenge after this latest storm. They're running low on road salt and there may not be enough to handle another round. 

"We are low. We are low compared to where we would like to be at this point in the year," says Perry County Highway Engineer Brian Otten. 
He says the crew hasn't seen a winter like this in years. The early snow and ice has depleted supplies. Otten has looked into buying salt locally and out of state ,but so far it's been a dead end.
"The salt that's intended to get into Chicago is stuck on the rivers. Everything is froze up. Nothing can move on the rivers," Otten says.
To help solve the problem, the county is adding less salt to its cinder mix. And being more selective about where it's spread. They're now looking into larger space to store more salt in the future.
"We're always looking for ways to improve more efficiently and give better products to the county. That is one of the things they can now consider as a possibility as a way to improve." 
Otten would like to find more salt somewhere to get the county through the winter. In the meantime, crews will do their best with what they have.
"As everybody says, patience with the situation that we're in. With us being low on salt, that's an added issue that everybody needs to consider as they're out and about traveling," he says.
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