New Motorcycle Poker Run Rules in Franklin County


By WSIL Reporter

FRANKLIN COUNTY  --  A new Illinois law is simplifying the rules for motorcycle poker runs by eliminating high state fees and taxes, so now local communities are sorting out how to handle the events.

Poker runs had been a fundraising favorite around the region until new state rules approved last year raised fees and taxes.
It put many of the events in jeopardy until lawmakers reversed the law.
Now, runs that end in Franklin county will have a new set of local rules to follow.
Board Chair Randall Crocker says a group looking to host a poker run pushed the county to take action.
"The law changed and it shifted the responsibility from the state to the county, so therefore we established this ordinance to deal with the change in the law," explains Crocker.
The Franklin County Board approved a new licensing system this week.
"We will have an application that they will fill out and it will cost 25 dollars," says Crocker.
Applications will have to be approved by the county board chair.
Shad Zimbro, co-owner of Black Diamond Harley-Davidson, says he prefers the new, straightforward system.
"It's going to make it so much easier. We're going to get back to how it use to be with it and get to raise some money for some very good causes with the poker runs.  We are actually seeing the poker runs step back up again," explains Zimbro.
Riders think it will encourage other organizations to turn back to poker runs as a great way to bring in money.
"All the counties need to go ahead and get together and hopefully follow suit like Franklin County and get everything lined up, so when people do have a poker run they can go in and make it a quick easy process of getting your license," says Zimbro.
Franklin County is still working on creating its poker run applications. Leaders hope to have a final draft available by the start of next week.
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