Murphysboro Animal Shelter Breaks Ground On New Building


By Benjy Jeffords

MURPHYSBORO -- St. Francis Care held a groundbreaking ceremony on Friday for a new 3,000 square foot facility.

The non-profit organization has been busy fundraising for the last three years to get to a point where they can start construction. They've raised about half of the nearly $400,000 needed to fund the project. 

"It's about a 100 year old house and it served our needs for the first couple of years, but right now it is way to small." says Board President Dinae Daughtery.

The shelter adopts out around 60 animals a month and has about 100 animals on the property.

Daughtery also says that they going to be able to save more animals by tripling the size of their facility.

Volunteers are looking forward to not being crammed into a small space and have separate areas for puppies, small dogs, big dogs, and cats.

All adopted pets come spayed and neutered, are up to date on shots and are micro-chipped. The organization also performs low cost spaying and nuetering for anyone from the community. 

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