Mt. Vernon Man Charged With Murder


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By Matthew Searcy

UPDATED 6:30 p.m. Jan. 22, 2014

MT. VERNON -- 15-year-old Deon Feggins was gunned down in August 2010 just blocks from his Mt. Vernon home.

In the years since, no one's been held accountable until this week. On Tuesday, prosecutors charged 27-year-old Marventi Palmer in the killing.

"I'm just glad it's over," said Deon's mother Wanda Hodges. "I just can't take no more. It's been killing me. That was my baby."

"It's been torture knowing that someone could do that to a baby," explained Deon's sister Natasha Feggins. "He was only 15."

State prosecutors say new developments helped link Palmer to the murder.

"Mr. Palmer was a suspect from the outset," said Jefferson County State's Attorney David Hoffman. "Recent developments gave us the evidence we needed to proceed with charges."

Marventi Palmer is currently serving a 20 year sentence at Shawnee prison on unrelated drug and weapon charges out of Jefferson County. The family is unsure how Palmer and Deon may have known each other or what may have provoked the shooting.

"It's just the beginning though," said Natasha. "Hopefully everything goes okay and they can convict him and our family can have closure."

Other family members say even if justice is served, it still won't bring back what they miss they most, Deon.

"I miss him talking and stuff and playing with kids," said Deon's sister Lawanda Feggins. "I miss everything about him. I can't believe somebody could take that away from us."


MT. VERNON -- Murder charges have now been filed in a 2010 fatal shooting in Mt. Vernon.

Jefferson County State's Attorney Doug Hoffman has charged Marventi D. Palmer, 27, of Mt. Vernon, with first degree murder in the death of Deon Feggins.

Feggins, 15, was shot and killed in August 2010 near the corner of South 18th and Conger Streets in Mt. Vernon.

Palmer is currently serving a 20-year sentence at Shawnee Correctional Center on unrelated drug and weapon charges out of Jefferson County.

Mt. Vernon Police say the investigation into Feggins' murder continues and more charges may be filed.

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