Mt. Vernon Approves Permanent Burn Ban


By Matthew Searcy

Updated:  Tuesday, September 2, 2014, 9:20 p.m.  

MT. VERNON -- The Mt. Vernon City Council voted 3 to 2 Tuesday night in favor of the ban on burning leaves within city limits.  


Original Story 

MT. VERNON -- Burning leaves could soon be outlawed in Mt. Vernon. The city council is considering a ban on the practice after complaints from some residents.  

"The council is considering a complete ban on the burning," said city manager Ron Neibert.  
The city council has talked about a burn ban for more than a year.  
"One of the councilmen actually did some research with the hospitals and there is probably over a thousand people each year that go to the hospitals for treatment for respiratory issues," said Neibert.  
Controlled burning also presents safety issues.
"Yeah, we have had a number of incidents in the last several years related to fires that have gotten away from people," explained Neibert.  
Under the existing ordinance, leaves and other landscape waste can only be burned twice a year, during two-month periods in the spring and fall. The new law  would restrict burning year round.  
"You have passion on both sides," said councilman Ron Lash. "You just have to weigh certain things out." 
No matter the vote, residents will still have a way to get rid of leaves and other waste. The city's new waste management plan includes year-round landscape waste removal.  
"They can bag them into the recyclable bags and place their leaves and brush in those bags and have them picked up once a week," said Neibert.  
The council is expected to vote on the issue at Tuesday night's meeting. 
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