Mound City Water Service Interrupted


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UPDATED 7:30 a.m. February 21, 2014
MOUND CITY -- Water service was restored to Mound City early Friday morning. Residents are still under a boil water order until further notice.
Pulaski County Emergency Management Director Ken Kerley says service was restored around 2:00 a.m. Friday.
UPDATED 10:30 p.m. February 20, 2014
MOUND CITY -- The community of Mound City was without any water Wednesday and much of Thursday. Officials are working on a fix and helping people get by in the meantime.
One by one residents went to city hall in Mound City Thursday to pick up bottled water because there was none coming out of the tap. Wednesday evening the city was doing maintenance work on part of its water system, when something went wrong. 
"An unexpected break occurred. It's basically in the main line for the city," said Pulaski County Emergency Management Director Ken Kerley.
The break left the entire city without water Wednesday night through Thursday afternoon. And left many residents wondering what to do. 
"How you going to cook? How would you clean your dishes if they're stacked up?" asked resident Don Allen.
Pulaski County Emergency officials stepped in, offering free bottled water. Twenty porta-potty's were also placed throughout the city. But that didn't reassure resident Akia Wade. 
"There's no security in our town so what woman is going to use the port a potty?" Wade asked.
And she's worried about what happens next.
"They're going to fix the water and make it come back on but it's not going to be clean where I live. It's nasty," explained Wade.
Thursday evening school buses were running for several hours, taking residents in need of running water to Meridian School to use the bathrooms and showers.
Kerley says he knows it's an inconvenience and crews will continue work to get water back to normal.
"The city is doing everything they can and as fast as they can to get this repaired and back in order," he says.
The water was turned on temporarily with low pressure just after 2 p.m., Thursday but the city is under a boil water order.
"I have a lot of faith in my city workers. Because me, myself I worked here. And if it comes down to the come down, and if there's got to be something that needs to be done, I'll come back and work," said Allen.
MOUND CITY -- A temporary repair has allowed crews to return some water service to Mound City.
Pulaski County EMA Director Ken Kerley says the community has very low water pressure and more repairs are needed.
A boil water will be in effect until further notice.
Between 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Thursday, a bus will run every 30 minutes along Pearl and 4th Streets, taking interested Mound City residents to Meridian school to use bathroom and shower facilities. The school will also provide soup and sandwiches.
UPDATED 11:45 a.m. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2014
MOUND CITY -- Pulaski County EMA Director Ken Kerley says there's still no estimate on when water will be back on in Mound City.
Bottled water is available to residents until 4 p.m. Thursday at City Hall.
Kerley says portable toilets are also being placed throughout the city for the public to use.


MOUND CITY -- Water service for Mound City was shut off early Thursday morning.

Pulaski County Emergency Services Director Kenneth Kerley says it's due to a water main break at the city water plant.

Service could be off for most of, if not all Thursday. Kerley says once service is restored, a boil water order will be in effect until further notice.

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